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Committed to Keeping Your Carpets Clean, Protected, and Odor Free

Advantage Carpet Cleaning LLC is a carpet and hard floor cleaning service business based out of the Chesterfield, VA area. Advantage Carpet Cleaning is poised to make an explosive impact on the community with genuine customer service, an eye for detail, and a passion for all things clean. The company's owner, Andre, leads the way with a strong work ethic and vision for success for his new budding company. A Richmond, Virginia native, Andre has cleaned with the best doing everything from car detailing to kitchen exhaust hood cleaning! With his experience and expertise he plans to bring undeniable charm and service to all those he meets. We hope to be of service to residential and commercial clients in the Richmond, VA area looking for quality carpet and floor cleaning services.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

why advantage carpet cleaning?

Our Top Notch Carpet Cleaning Service offers the best local solution in cleaning and customer service. As a family owned local business, we understand the importance of clean carpets and hard flooring in homes and business here in Chesterfield and the rest of the Richmond, Virginia area. With so much foot traffic across flooring surfaces day to day, it's important to consider the cleanliness of our floors periodically and when accidental spills arise. Allergens, chemicals, pet dander, pesticides, mold, bacteria and other pollutants are tracked through your home  or  office on a daily basis. Advantage Carpet Cleaning uses safe and effective cleaning solutions that minimize harmful effects on yourself, your family, your coworkers, your patrons and the environment, while extending the life of your investment. No one wants to pay for costly carpet replacement. Effective and timely maintenance helps to keep your floors looking better longer. With Advantage Carpet Cleaning, your residential or commercial space is cleaner, fresher and healthier.

Our Cleaning Process

Advantage Carpet Cleaning chooses to use the "Fast Drying Method" also known as Very Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning.

After a thorough area vacuum, we use a light and safe pre-spray, known as Encapsulation as well as heavy agitation to release the soil, dust, and dander that has bonded with the carpet fibers. The soil is crystallized (encapsulated) during the quick-drying process with the use of bonnets and finally removed with a final vacuum step.  Due to the thorough process of agitation and final soil removal, the carpet fibers are lifted resulting in a very dramatic, “like-new”, appearance.  Drying time is typically less than one hour, but can even be dry to the touch as the technician leaves your home or office.

Fur Carpet

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