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Frequently asked questions

What is dry carpet cleaning?/ What is VLM or Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Advantage Carpet Cleaning chooses to use the "Fast Drying Method" also known as Very Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning.After a thorough area vacuum, we use a light and safe pre-spray, known as Encapsulation as well as heavy agitation to release the soil, dust, and dander that has bonded with the carpet fibers. The soil is crystallized (encapsulated) during the quick-drying process with the use of bonnets and finally removed with a final vacuum step. Due to the thorough process of agitation and final soil removal, the carpet fibers are lifted resulting in a very dramatic, “like-new”, appearance. Drying time is typically less than one hour, but can even be dry to the touch as the technician leaves your home or office.

How will my carpets appear when your done? Can you remove spots?

Because we choose to use eco-friendly and pet safe products to clean our clients carpets, there is no sticky residue left over when we are done or unpleasant odors. The carpets are clean, fresh, and soft to the touch -- not "crunchy" like how some other companies do it. Also, the carpets won't be overly wet, just damp and should dry in 1-2 hours. We can remove most spots and stains. Bear in mind that spots that have set in to the carpet either with time or because of a non compatible chemical from self-cleaning, as well as bleached spots can be permanent. We do our best to remove all the spots we can and seem to fair better than most. We get amazing results and our clients love us!

How long will the carpet or hard floor cleaning service take?

Time to complete service varies from job to job and is hard to say. We use over 10+ steps to ensure we get the best clean possible. You can typically expect service to be in the 1-2 hour range for small to mid sized area. Again, it depends on the job and varies greatly. However, we do our best to be as speedy as possible while being respectful of getting the job done right so you can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Billing & Pricing

We're Tough on Dirt, Not Your Budget

Payments Accepted

We currently accept Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal. You may also opt to pay online via your invoice after service is rendered.


*Commercial clients can work with us for flexible payment terms like Net 10 or Net 14 for example.

Cancellation Policy

Customers are not required to prepay but please bear in mind that a $25 late cancellation fee will be invoiced and sent to you if you cancel anytime after 2 hours before your scheduled service. You agree to pay the cancellation fee when you finalize booking a specific day and time for service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Guarantee for our services. If you are not pleased for any reason we will do everything we can (withing reason) to make it right. Guaranteed.